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5 reasons to play Eternal Fury

From the people that brought us Wartune comes another epic fantasy ARPG to delve into. Eternal Fury 2 is essentially an upgraded version of the original Eternal Fury, bringing the same blend of turn-based monster battles, castle building and PvP action back to the mobile. Already out on iOS and Android, publisher Game Hollywood has now launched it on HTML5, promising speedier performance and cross-platform compatibility than the likes of Flash can offer. 

If you’re brand new to Eternal Fury 2, here are 5 reasons why you should consider joining the fight against the underworld… 

Discover a story of gods, giants and demons… 

As with every fantasy RPG, the story in Eternal Fury 2 is one of good versus evil. In this case, a power struggle between the rulers of heaven and hell has erupted, with the land of man caught between. There are some key characters drawn loosely from the annuls of Norse mythology, including Hel – ruler of the underworld. As she leads her army of demons in a conquest to rule the world, it’s mortal heroes such as you who must stand in her way. 

Build and defend your kingdom 

The underworld spilling over with monsters hell-bent on capturing the realm of mortals is obviously your top priority – but every hero needs a place to call home. Your castle and surrounding kingdom is your base of operations, where you can build, train and gather resources, so it shouldn’t be neglected. It’s also a place you must defend from rival players looking to plunder, and a launchpad for your own unscrupulous assaults on neighbouring fiefdoms. 

Compete with other players 

It’s not just the marauding hordes from the underworld you need to look out for, it’s also your neighbours. PvP action is a big part of Eternal Fury 2, from the castle raids to the dedicated PvP arena. In the latter, you can test your character against the best players around, climbing the rankings and reaping great rewards if you’re successful. 

Create the ultimate warrior

In creating your hero, you can choose from three different character classes: Archer, Mage and Knight. These are your ranged, magic and melee categories, offering you a ion of playstyles and unique skills. Once you’ve chosen your class, you can set about equipping and upgrading your character to be formidable. Work through quests, find and enhance equipment, and upgrade your skills as you go. 

Fight alongside others 

Eternal Fury 2 features a guild system that let’s you forge alliances with fellow players to take on monsters and rival clans, then share in the spoils. You can also summon up to 24 NPC mercenaries to fight at your side, so you need never enter the battlefield or clear dungeons alone. 

Discover the fantastical battles and quests first-hand; download Eternal Fury 2 for iOS, Android and now HTML5 for free today.