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Eternal Fury Maintenance on April. 21st @ 01:00 AM PDT

All servers will go offline for maintenance from 01:00 am PDT, 21st April. 2021. After maintenance, the new server will be online.

What's new:

1. Added Daily Pack. Players can purchase 2 times a day. 

2. Added online chest. 

3. Added Continuous Recharge Rebate. Rebate items can be used to draw in Lucky Wheel. 

4. Added Treasure Map

5. Unlocked Mount Equipment

6. Added Limited Pack. Players can purchase them if they meet the requirements. 

7. Coming soon: Spring Carnival.

Fixes and Optimizations: 

1. Optimization: The Cheer button will be unavailable after the Cheer limit is reached. 

2. Fixed the bug affecting Holy Wings' battle rating. 

3. Fixed a bug where two Relics could be equipped at the same time when the Relic slot was locked. 

4. Now you can not complete quests when Backpack is full

5. Fixed the issue where a player cannot join Raid again after an unexpected interruption;

6. Fixed the Mark of Valor drop issue.

Please leave the game in advance before maintenance time to avoid unnecessary loss. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support.