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Eternal Fury Server Maintenance on Sept. 15th @ 00:30AM PDT

Dear players,

We will carry out maintenance at 00: 30(PDT), Sept. 15th, it is expected to take around 2 hours. Please leave the game in advance to avoid any unnecessary loss. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.


1. Added round limit for a single battle in Immortal Path.

2. Now, you can invite a non-friend player to join Guild.

3. Optimized the crop sell function in Farm.

Bug fix:

1. Now, the titles of Beer Carnival and the player ID will not overlap.

2. Fixed the issue where a Bounty quest can not be completed when the assist Heroes have changed.

3. Fixed the buffs and button overlapping issue in Immortal Path.

4. Now, the Seed type in Farm Shop will not refresh upon login.