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1. What Classes are there in the game? And what are their features?

Mage: A Mage has many ways to control the battlefield, from summoning meteors to crashing enemies to swiftly restoring health to injured allies.

Knight: Knights are a melee class, capable of serving as either a ferocious attacker or a stalwart defense.

Archer: Masters of their weapons, Archers can slip like ghosts through the trees and slay their enemies quietly.


2. What Privileges a VIP player has?

There are lots of Privileges for the VIP players. For instance, VIP players have no CD when building and obtaining Stamina. They also can receive more EXP, a Daily VIP Pack and more chances to challenge Arena and Daily Dungeon everyday, besides being able to complete the Daily Bounty Quest instantly. Moreover, they can receive an amazing gift pack when they upgrade their VIP Level. High VIP level players can get Diamonds consumption rebate!


3. How to recruit a Mercenary?

Players can recruit Mercenaries in the Summoning Altar. You will need a Common or Improved Summoning Scroll. Using an Improved Summoning Scroll will give you a greater chance of recruiting high quality mercenaries.

Mercenaries are divided into 5 Classes: Archer, Warrior, Priest, Mage and Watchmen. Each Mercenary has different looks, Stat, and Skills.

a. Archer: high attack power, can deal a lot of physical damage and cause debuff effects to the enemy.

b. Warrior: can not only deal great damage to the enemy, but also has impressive defense and health.

c. Priest: can pray for his allies to heal them and give them buffs.

d. Mage: deal great Magic damage to an area and also cause debuff effects to the enemy.

e. Watchmen: can create a shield from themselves or any allies, it absorbs damage and disabling effects until it is broken.


4. How to obtain Gold?

Complete main quests, Daily quests and Bounty quests. You can also obtain it in Crusade, Gold Smelting, Treasury collection, challenging the Arena, world BOSS, your Townhall, etc.


5.How to obtain Daru?

Complete Daily Dungeons, collect Barracks Building, challenge World Boss, Daru Alchemy, Fearless or Lucky Wheel.


6. How to upgrade quickly?

Use Bonus Exp. Scroll while challenging Dungeons. Or complete as many main tasks, daily missions and Bounty missions as possible. When challenging the Crypt, you can use the Crypt Key to gain 2x EXP! When you're running out of Stamina, you can use Stamina Potions to continue fighting.


7. What is the Monthly Card?

A monthly card costs $29.99 for 30 days of VIP. You will receive 700 Diamonds and 10 Improved Summoning Scrolls as a gift after purchasing the Monthly Card. Also, you will receive 100 Diamonds and 2 Improved Summoning Scroll every day during the validity of the card. You will get 3,000 VIP EXP by purchasing a Monthly Card.


8. What's the Oubliette?

The Oubliette opens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There are three levels of difficulty, each one with 50 levels. Every level you pass will be rewarded with lots of rewards.

You can deploy five of your strongest mercenaries to fight. Sometimes there is a Lucky Chest after completing a level, inside await great rewards.


9. What's Astro?

Astro provides special Stats and BR bonuses.

There are five levels of Astro: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red. Higher levels have better stats and a cooler look. Use Gold or Astro Token to obtain Astros.

Players can equip their characters and mercenaries with multiple Astros.


10. What's an Artifact?

Artifacts can greatly improve the character's combat power and also possess unique skills to use in battle.

While in combat, reach your maximum Rage to use the Artifact's skill.


11. What's Crusade?

Use Gold to search for players, and plunder them to obtain large amounts of Gold and Insignias.


12. What should we do if we don't receive a Recharge or need help?

You can click "Support" on the left menu bar of the game to contact our customer service.

13. If have selected English, how can i switch to another language to play?

You can Click the Settings-Language button to choose a language within the same server.